Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Convenient Christian

Convenient Christian
Have you ever headed out to shop and found yourself wrapping around the parking lot for 20 minutes for that close spot?
I have, we live in Mississippi and our hot is different, you might pass clean out just from heat. I'll be that car sitting in the isle with my blinker on directing traffic around me while I wait for Paw and Maw to attempt to load up and back out. Kids will be in the backseat cutting up like cheetah and I'm all "shhh, mama got us a real good parking spot."
My Mom on the other hand will park 12 1/2 miles from the store for what she calls "a piece of shade" just so that her car isn't 400 degrees when she gets back in.
Those are both convenient ways to park, one works for me and the other works best for her.
We can be convenient with a lot of things that we do and that's perfectly fine but we can't be convenient Christians and expect covenant blessings.
In Paul's lifetime he traveled over 10,000 steps to preach the gospel. Would those lives ever been changed had Paul been a convenient Christian?
Acts 20:24 "But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God."
Paul knew he was headed for hardships, his goal was to fulfill the mission of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Paul lived his life to please Jesus and he walked the talk.
We are imperfect and we fall short of the glory of God daily but that shouldn't deter us from a constant effort to walk our talk.
We can change the lives of others when our walk is real. Jesus didn't die on the cross for us to pick and choose when we would follow him, he died for us so that we could be set free and have everlasting life.
We are busy and we get enveloped in ourselves and what we have planned and sometimes we miss the opportunity to transform someone's life or our own because it wasn't convenient for us.
So, yes, choose that close spot or that "piece of shade" but don't choose to be a convenient Christian.
It doesn't always benefit us in the present but God doesn't call us to move without complete fulfillment in the end.
It wasn't convenient for Him to die on the cross, but He did it anyway and now we have new life.
Have Zest and Stay Conveniently Cool!