Friday, May 6, 2016

Mama Nem'

Mama Nem’

It’s no surprise that I love old things, matter of fact the shirt I’m wearing today is ten years old. Old cookware, brooms, tools, aprons, frames, furniture, and the list forever grows. I have an old screwdriver that was my great grandmothers, it has a clear yellow handle and is rusty as the day is long, but it’s mine and it was hers.

(My great grandmother & grandmother)

Mother’s day is right around the corner. One thing that’s for sure is my mom learned from her mom who was taught from her mom and so on. This mama thing began a long time ago for my family, the older the traditions the better. We learn from the mother’s before us and with my family who is full of women we have a lot of influences and most of the things that we do now as mothers were learned from them.

When I was little I watched my mom do everything.

She used these peach handle brushes to apply her make-up, smeared on lipstick before ever stepping out of the car, stood with one hand on her hip and dropped dumplings into a pot, came straight in from standing long hours at work and began supper for our family of 6, made sure money was out for us each day, rushed from here to there getting the 4 of us to our destinations, never yelled, there isn’t one time she raised her voice to us, taught me how be a Christian woman by her example, told me how to be self-respecting, stood at my side while I suffered my first break-up, dropped me off at college making sure I had all that was needed, watched me sleep the morning of the day my name would change, sat beside me as I held my first born child, and now walks with me through life with the qualities and words of wisdom she instilled in me all of those years.

(My mom & I)

What she learned from her mom enabled her to make the choices to be the mom to me that she is. I’m looking up the ladder at the women ahead of me in my family who so eloquently raised their families and I’m following in their immense footsteps.

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.” Proverbs 17:6

(Meraleigh & Xander)
Old things are wonderful, people these days need more things of old, and more women to rise up and carry on valuable traditions that mold us into Godly women.

Women today need encouragement from other women. Mamas need encouragement from other mamas.
Don’t miss a chance to love on your mama, be a loving mama to your child(ren) or reach down and lift another up on this ladder of life.

Have Zest and Love loud!

-Kristin Tate