Thursday, October 1, 2015

That Grey Hair

That Grey Hair

I was sitting in the drive thru waiting on my weekly treat, the fruit parfait, when I was checking myself out in the mirror...I saw a grey hair. I flipped my hair and pretended it was a natural blonde highlight...moved forward in the line, glanced back up into the mirror and it was shining like a diamond, it was a new hair so it was sticking straight up blowing in the wind.

I quickly grabbed my tweezers because this one isn't welcome here. I pulled on it and it slid right through and curled up like a ribbon. I'm sweating at this point trying to remove this unwanted hair. Finally, after I pulled out 14 wanted brown hairs I got the grey.

After I was successful and while I was eating my cold snack I got to thinking if I am that grey hair towards God at times. He selects me, calls me to move, I dodge him, hide behind someone or something, and curl up like that grey hair did to me.

I know in the past God has wanted me to do something and he pulled on me until finally I was brave and decided to follow his will for me.

Why do we sometimes take the hard way around? He will never tell us to do something without giving us the grace, power and ability to do it. The key is to trust Him fully and depend on Him for the strength we need to obey. God loves us and wants the best for us. We should humble ourselves before Him, and allow him to provide the tools to complete the job.

God is preparing you for what he has prepared for you.

Don’t hide, don’t be that grey hair that curls up and hides, instead be dauntless.
Have Zest and Rise up