Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh Sweet Time

I have been on a mission to let go and let God while practicing the act of waiting...
If you know me well then you may know that I'm a do'er and when it's on my mind I want start and finish it. That's where God peeks in and says "naw sa" let me show you the next step in your growing faith...the act of "In my time...Not Yours."

I will make a list for everything and check it off as I do it. I make a list for groceries, I meal plan weekly, I make lunchbox list, list of customers I need to call, list of things I want/need, Christmas list, a list about a get it.
Well, on my list I have my goals for the month and what I want to accomplish weekly. Much like a bulletin you would see at church, that's my life...all scheduled out.

The God I serve doesn't do well with the plans we have for ourselves, he is pretty much into His plan and the way he plans to reveal it to us.

He puts me in my place on the daily.

Have you ever ask for something in your prayers only to see that each day you didn't see it was answered?
I did, I prayed everyday for a very long time for what I wanted to happen and how I wanted it to happen.
Each day I woke and the same things happened and I would lay my head down and wonder "was he listening, did he know how badly I wanted to see the change I was asking for, did I do my part enough, am I pleasing God, what can I do to make sure my prayers are answered?

Doesn't the bible tell us in Matthew 7:7 to ask and we shall receive?

Yes, yes that's exactly what it says there, it also tells us to seek and we shall find. But, the kicker is this...Proverbs 16:9 says "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.

So, my list making skills and plans won't get me any closer to my intentions for this life because God establishes my steps. He makes sure that each step I take is His and His plan...not mine. I'm ok with that because he has never lead me astray, never.

God did answer my prayer but not that day, week, month or even year...5 years later he did. It wasn't the right time while I was praying but you know what I did, I prayed without ceasing,
I prayed fervently, and I prayed knowing that my God would in HIS time reveal HIS plan and answer my prayers.
Don't give up, if you have the want in you, the fight, and the faith then don't give up. Ask daily for the things you want in your life and God will provide them, always has and he always will.

Have Zest and let God work.