Monday, March 30, 2015

Simplify Life

I've always been pretty obsessed with all things old, from old patterns to old cookware I just love old stuff. When my great grandmother passed away we were able to go through some things and take what we would like as a way to remember her.
All I could think about was some stuff to have in my kitchen since it's my favorite room in our home. I got a really old muffin pan, bundt cake pan, some knick knacks and a pretty special old broom.
As I bent down for the fifty-third time to sweep up crumbs with my great grandmothers old broom I thought to myself about what I can do to simplify my life the way that the women who have gone before us did.
How much better would my day be if I woke, spent my time with The Lord, and then didn't bog my day down with time-wasters.
(that's my MaMaw Kyzar's broom hanging in my pantry, so simple)
What have we really accomplished at the end of the day if we have to throw ourselves in the bed with our eyeballs spinning?
Put away the electronics, turn off the television, say "yes less"  (p.s. it IS ok to say no), and just do what makes you happy and fill life with the people you love.
Those are my April Goals, set some for yourself, live simple and have zest.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our Special Guest: Ugandan Thunder

Today I want to share with you what our family was so very thankful to be a part of. Ugandan Thunder came to our city and performed for what they said was the largest crowd they have ever performed in front of.
They are a children's choir that consist of 22 children from age 8-16. They sing, dance, and worship on their tour of the US. They raise money for Pennies for Posho which is the food for the hungry orphan children of Africa. Check our their website for ways that you can help these children.

We had the privilege of having two of the boys in our home for the night and let me tell you what a treat it was.
Here they are: Samuel 14 and Alvin 12

During the performance a few of the children were ask to go into the audience and present a cross necklace to someone and pray with them. Of all of the people in the room, Alvin spotted me in the crowd ( he didn't know at the time that he would be staying in our home) took my hand, knelt down, and prayed the most special, pure, and soulful prayer I've ever heard. Of course I sobbed as he placed the necklace on me. It wasn't until after the show that he and Samuel found out they would be staying with us and let me tell you the excitement they displayed was overwhelming. They both jumped into my arms and said "thank you thank you thank you."

I could talk about them for days but what I want you to know the most about these children is that you couldn't peel the smiles from their faces, the laughter from their hearts, or the joy that came from deep within them.
I've never met 2 more thankful children in my life, anything we did for them or gave to them you would have thought we just offered them the world when in reality it was a honey bun. I'm hopeful that I can teach my children to be as humbled aS they were but even more than that I want their hearts to be on FIRE for God the way Samuel and Alvin's are.

We love them and certainly hated to say goodbye but will you join me in praying for our boys and all of the children who travel daily to perform with Ugandan Thunder to raise money for the many orphanages in Africa.

Have Zest and have a heart for God!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Love Your Life

How many times in your life have you have you looked up and ask "What in the world is my purpose in life?"
For some of us it takes a lifetime to realize what our purpose is and for others we seem to know as soon as we mature. I am one of those somewhere in that middle category. I realized what the Lord had in store for me about 5 years ago when we were blessed with our first born, Xander and then again 4 years later with our girl, Meraleigh.
I knew it was my calling to be a mother, a counselor, a caretaker, and the one whom they will run to for most anything. The Lord also gave me the gift of humor which is most definitely needed when you have small people. Amen and amen.
My goal is to be able to love alot, laugh alot, and be who God designed me to be even when no one is watching.
If we can learn to love the hand we are dealt and love it to the fullest using every tool we are equipped with then this will be a life that will be lived abundantly. If you can sing, write, sew, tap dance, serve others, jump on a pogo stick, seal envelopes, wait tables....whatever your do, do it with your best and with joy.
smile and have zest

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

This will be my first "What I Wore Wednesday" and let me say that I got dressed in the dark while my sleeping/coughing 5 year old lay sleeping in my bed.
Lately, I've been really into floral patterns for myself and for my little girl.

It's super girly and you can mix and match it with really any other prints to create a whole new look.
Today I have on my brown suede  Lucky  booties. My exact pair aren't available on here but here are a similar pair of the Lucky booties.
The top I have on can be long sleeve or can be rolled to 3/4 which is an easy transition from spring to fall and can be worn with shorts or a rolled boyfriend jean.
Speaking of boyfriend if your not watching The Bachelor, you should be and if you aren't reading this blog Pinterest Told Me To, then you should be. It's hilarious and she says exactly what most of us are thinking as we watch the crazy each week.
Stay tuned for more!
Don't lose your Zest for Life