Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

Yes it is, yes it is, and it's time for Friday Favorites!
It really seems like Thursday since the kids were out of school not one day, not two days, but for THREE days. We all acted like 5 year old kids since snow in Mississippi is like having snow in Hawaii I mean it just rarely happens. I made the local news, see that's how crazy this is?
Just click in the titles to be taken right to my favorites for the week.

I am loving this Beauty Control Instant Manicure. It's from their seasonal line and it's perfect for this blizzard weather that is doing a number on these mama hands of mine. I use this before bed since it leaves a moisturizing coat that smells fantastic. This would be great if you could sleep in those gloves but I just could not take myself seriously if I had to wake up with some gloves on.
Don't leave home without using this Ulta Gel Eyeliner Pencil . I tend to whell up at the sight of anything, seriously, I will cry. This eyeliner knows me and knows these eyes and let me tell you it's faithful. If you are looking for a liner that last the day and does not smear, run, or make you look like you reverted back to your college days and stayed up all night then this liner needs you and you need it! It also comes in pretty much any color you would want or need.
What are you waiting for?
I pretty much only buy OPI polish. I found this perfect shade of pink OPI Mod About YOU
it's a great polish and makes your hands pop and look clean, great everyday color.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, make the very best out of it and don't forget to shine your light for the world to see.